Textile designer


I am Diamantina Palacios, textile is my way of being in the world, I am a Textile Designer. After a long experience in textile restoration and design I decided to create my own brand, Diamantina Palacios. I only create unique pieces and with each piece I tell a story.

Creativity comes from careful observation of nature and its inhabitants, from visions in travels, from continuous research and through experimentation with different languages and techniques such as weaving, nuno felt, reserve printing, embroidery.

I construct textiles for fashion and interior design with natural fibres and dyes, essential weaves and sometimes more complex weaves. The materials are short chain silk yarns, and the local wools of sheep but also alpaca and cashmere are all Tuscan. Linen, cotton and hemp vegetable fibres are also part of my materials. To create volumes and make the pieces modular, I use copper wire with which I create a small collection of contemporary textile jewellery.

I have been studying colour since the beginning of my textile research and today I dye with plants, mould and manipulate colour as a primary vehicle for emotions.

The pieces I design and construct are handmade, with the intention of giving each one uniqueness, character and irreverence. I believe in adding value and my intention is to make people aware of respecting nature by celebrating its beauty. I try to narrate what surrounds me: the environment, the textures, the shapes, the colours that translate into music, generating between the creations and the viewer a sensory experience that goes beyond the visual.

My mission is “to bring out the dreams in my drawer and see my ideas on people”.